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er. 47 yards. smith completed 18-19. 232 yards. three touchdowns and the defense so dominant arizona only tried -- oh! only tried 9 rushes for 7 yards. he can smash you. oh! fortunately he got up. smith, one of four 49ers sacked. the defense 7 yards rushing. fourth time in five games no touchdowns allowed. 24-3. they improve to 6-2. harbaugh asked if it would help smith's confidence. >> i don't think there was ever a question there. just a lot of gobble, gobble turkey, you know, by just -- gobble, gobble turkey from giant turkey gobblers. you know. paints a good picture. [ laughter ] >> media, calling us jive turkey gobblers? we got feelings. [ laughter ] >> you know. wait till i get on the radio tomorrow. >> gobble gobble. >> i will rip him. listen -- he completes 18-19 and somebody asks if it helps his confidence -- [ talking at the same time ] >> 49ers off next week. november 11 at home against the rams. the world champion giants home from detroit. [ cheers and applause ] >> been watching kron 4, should have this video memorized. got in near 5:00 p.m. today. giants station, yeah?
voters should stool port to the same location. >> what will find instead of the department of defense a truck with a well situation national guardsmen in a big sign that says " to vote. ". so go back to your voting polling place anyway. >> both the state of new jersey in the work of said that there also tweaking the rules to help voters including extending the deadline for absentee and meal in balance. but in a fierce battle for president, both states are safely in the obama column almost regardless of the turn of the two campaigns are focused on the five so- called battle crime states impacted by the storm. new hampshire, virginia, north carolina, ohio, pennsylvania. where polls have the president ahead, but there is no reason to wonder weather effect of this storm could put it back in play. one question. weather power outages in and around the democratic stronghold philadelphia could depress turnout. the pennsylvania office of the secretary of state advising polling stations to keep paper brought available at the polls for voters in these electronic coding machines don't have power.
for blowing up teams we are known for pitching and defense. everything about the way our season went it is very fitting the way that we have had victory is the way we have one. we are up 3-0. the with the we have- had victory. >> we are just playing a working toward we came here to play a working. and i think 3-0 was the outfield big enough for you? >> yes. >> it was great. >> if i was running in both directions. >> some of the giants players asked can you taste the champagne it? as that question kept at chemical out again and again and scutero kept saying of just one game at a time. phillipe djegal showing the celebrations in walnut creek. >> the magic continues what a feeling in the east bay. watching them clinch gain of #three. just outside of mccouvey s screaming at the top of their lungs. fans of all ages. this is a total surprise. it has been a great presidents to the bay area. it >> it was amazing! >> it was great. i've felt like i was just at the ballpark. the energy was the same it was just like being at the game. the best place. >> we knew the giants were going to wind this
! these guys have to -- not have to, but in their defense, you've been working for 6 month, you're keyed up, you want to go home. and they make good salaries. want pay state tax another day? get the hell out of here! >> it doesn't work like that! [ laughter ] >> but it's the principle of the thing. i would prefer that you see them in the offseason. now? get without out! [ laughter ] >> thanks for coming, fans, glad it took you three hours to wait for the muni. now goodbye! >>> norv surrounded we negativity. the chargers game with -- oh, come on, jacky. you want me to sit here and skill drool? they -- still drool? anyway, norv turner, a j smith were both on the hot seat. the san diego union said they're going to be fired if they didn't win tonight. they win 31-13. could i ask our staff up there to stop and go to the last tape? you can do that. we have a new system here that causes ad libing. get that last tape up. the best halloween cost ume of last night. >> that's great! >> and thank you, rose an. she had to jum jumble the tapes around. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoe
of killing michelle lay. the defense conceded that esteban killed michelle but it was a crime of passion and not pre-meditated. they had hoped for an involuntary manslaughter instead of the first degree murder verdict. the alameda district attorney o'malley saying that it was the esteban clear motive that ultimately led to the harsher verdict. >> that she had intent intense hatred towards michelle. that was founding. michelle never did anything to the defendant, esteban. mitchell was not dating demand. and she was not- beating the man and michele was not dating a man. >> the brother saying that the brothers' family is relieved. it has been a burden off of our chest. i feel that this is given a level of closure. >> this is a mandatory sentence of 25 years-life in prison. in oakland, charles clifford, kron 4. >>pam: coming up hurricane santee the destruction so far by this storm. he hurricane santee and the help from the west coast going towards the east coast and a celebration for the world series. with even eric's of violence and vandalism. how the devon act -- x of violence. >> today, w
. and the month of may of 2011. the defense conceded that she killed machel but it was a crime of passion and not pre-meditated. that she killed this michelle lay. the alameda district attorney o'malley says that the evidence was overwhelming. >> she try to conceal it the next day and even to try try to pretend that the apple store. the rich so many different versions that she told the police. it all pointed to that she was trying to conceal the crime. >> after the verdict was read at the family is relieved. >> now there is been a burden lifted off of my chest. some measure of closure. >> the first degree is a mandatory sentence of 25 years-like. an oakland, kron 4, kron oakland. 25 years- like. >> also this live picture of the lenti the atlantic because f santesandy. still, this is the enormous it just made a landfall. and as it impacts the bay area coming up after the break. or is hitting the east coast. this is a live picture of atlantic city. tropical storm that sandy has made landfall in atlantic city. washington, boston, subways are all shut down. 7000 flights have been grounded. th
for today. >> (cheers & applause) >> the giants defense was a phenomenal against the tigers. ' series long you can see panda--it was really a treat to see all series of long. >> i know that paul blolo received m v p. teach we will tell you how you could get in on the celebration when we return. teacwelcome back. the big story is the series is over and the giants are coming back home as the world series champions. this is where all the fans will be gathered for the homecoming and then a parade will be on wednesday. >> the bottom right corner will show you where the giants hailed the trophy up and we are just waiting for them to come home so that they can be greeted. >> let's focus on the cleanup efforts. teach as you can see a street sweeper just went past. it the so-called fans of the giants dragged out of dumpsters and garbage cans and set them on fire. it smells awful out here but we saw smoke rising from the ground and that is because overnight there were so many--here is a video and not only did they damaged the garbage cans they all so damaged that atm. they garbage can there was dest
. >> this game is tight >> you know, they are lining up, the defense. it is all good. >> i would like to see them come back. perhaps make a little bit of an effort. that would be great to win on home field. that would be a killer. >> they are still no doubt that they are going to be champions. >> we are going to end it, closed it, and no time. >> they are good for closing it out, 7, 8, 9. with five- two, let me say that. >> we are the luckiest fans in the country. we have this amazingly beautiful city in this resilient team. just taken the nation by storm. i am in a very good place right now, go giants. >> of course they start the celebration right away. >> the city is going to be on fire tonight go giants. >> the game is still tied at 3-3. it is just a matter of time if that celebration will start tonight. reporting live, kron 4. >> they are stretching this out and really making us. >> brien says that we have a final. denver beat new orleans. and sports a director, gary radnich and you are watching television to report. >> it has been great but elapid of the ball game. three-3. and the giants ha
. >> catching our breath after road just what happened. two-seat the defense is just blows you away. to see defens to see the fans. >> this is what a child wants to see who would like to be a professional baseball player. >> it is humbling. >> to be able to celebrate a championship with the this is city everything is so passionate. everybody is so passionate and they are knowledgeable we can feel that every night when a play at at&t park. today was fun. as we get to celebrate a little bit. >> the fans were screaming at the top of their lungs when the parade started. the ticker tape and the world series championship. u. unreal.. look at the support we have. all season long they have backed us up. this is what it is all about. >> great. >> great. so many fans. it is unbelievable. they were awesome. >> unbelievable, unbelievable, it was great. >> the cleanup efforts happen quickly and we can only hope that we can see this all again next year. in san francisco, justine waldman, kron 4 news. >> i am here with these fans they have been down here, really early this morning. do you what did you th
& applause) it was the defense for the giants that came out because terry songs. that was some of the highlights from the game series. >> game after game you can look back at highlights and live made them on mazing. >> incredible! >> is said the past your bedtime to watch 10 inning last night as a lot of people did. >> we're waiting for the team to come back in the big pa& is billing the floats for the giants victory parades. he may have started building before this last game para who thought we would sweep it was incredible. he was put on standby at game 1. after game 2 he was told to start building. he has to build five of the possible seven floats. he is building them. he and his crew said they could make it happen that fast. >> amazing. we will go to break. >> i hope you guys enjoyed it. we loved to play for you. thank you so much for the support. >> it looks like the showers will hold off until the evening. this will give us enough time for the giants victory parade. the skies will clear into the afternoon and it will be mostly sunny conditions as we head into tomorrow. it
more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health. fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. new york city crews are working to get the tracks clear. more trains running following the storm. more services open up this morning in time of the rush hour. it is still not up at full capacity yet. new york's metropolitan transportation authority released this video of water being pumped out this subway station in lower manhattan. there was services today for the first time since sandy. >> of commuter rail bus and subway service fares are freed through friday at the least until midnight. >> it is free because of a lot of cases you cannot take the saw where were you have to be in have to take a bus
defense and stellar pitching and timely hitting all working together to sweep the detroit tigers. on the path to becoming world champions twice now and t happen and will be following this throughout the day. >> back after wall. the two of fly ball into left back at the wall. he has homered again! at the wall, another. (cheers & applause) well (cheers & applause) until they're going around sag and go in the third. two alps and here is the sister. -- doug fister giants up to games to nothing. escudermetfor a fly ball deep i- center field. fo (cheers & applause) for the giants to strike first inning game 3. out at second and got them both. a big double play turned with miguel cabrera standing on deck. o jhonny peralta heads a hard. fly ball into right, back into the wall this ball is gone! (cheers & applause) a fly ball in to ride for backing against the wall, we are tied. long drive into center field. marco scutaro delivers and the giants lead got numb, and the al >> let the party began! the starter last night but it is continuing this morning because the giants won the world seri
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12